Aranesp (Amgen Inc.)

Aranesp (Amgen Inc.) - General Information

Human erythropoietin with 2 aa substitutions to enhance glycosylation (5 N-linked chains), 165 residues (MW=37 kD). Produced in Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cells by recombinant DNA technology.


Pharmacology of Aranesp (Amgen Inc.)

Aranesp (Amgen Inc.) is used in the treatment of anemia. It is involved in the regulation of erythrocyte differentiation and the maintenance of a physiological level of circulating erythrocyte mass.


Aranesp (Amgen Inc.) for patients

Patients should be informed of the possible side effects of Aranesp and be instructed to report them to the prescribing physician. Patients should be informed of the signs and symptoms of allergic drug reactions and be advised of appropriate actions. Patients should be counseled on the importance of compliance with their Aranesp treatment, dietary and dialysis prescriptions, and the importance of judicious monitoring of blood pressure and hemoglobin concentration should be stressed.

It is recommended that Aranesp® should be administered by a healthcare professional. In those rare cases where it is determined that a patient can safely and effectively administer Aranesp at home, appropriate instruction on the proper use of Aranesp should be provided for patients and their caregivers, including careful review of the accompanying "Information for Patients" insert. Patients and caregivers should also be cautioned against the reuse of needles, syringes, or drug product, and be thoroughly instructed in their proper disposal. A puncture-resistant container for the disposal of used syringes and needles should be made available to the patient.


Aranesp (Amgen Inc.) Interactions

No formal drug interaction studies of Aranesp have been performed.


Aranesp (Amgen Inc.) Contraindications

Aranesp is contraindicated in patients with:

• uncontrolled hypertension

• known hypersensitivity to the active substance or any of the excipients


Additional information about Aranesp (Amgen Inc.)

Aranesp (Amgen Inc.) Indication: For the treatment of anemia (from renal transplants or certain HIV treatment)
Mechanism Of Action: Aranesp (Amgen Inc.) stimulates erythropoiesis by the same mechanism as endogenous erythropoietin. Erythropoietin interacts with
progenitor stem cells to increase red cell production. Binding of erythropoietin to the erythropoietin receptor leads to receptor dimerization, which facilitates activation of JAK-STAT signaling pathways within the cytosol. Activated STAT (signal transducers and activators of transcription) proteins are then translocated to the nucleus where they serve as transcription factors which regulate the activation of specific genes involved in cell division or differentiation.
Drug Interactions: Not Available
Food Interactions: Not Available
Generic Name: Darbepoetin alfa
Synonyms: Epoetin; Erythropoietin precursor
Drug Category: Antianemic Agents
Drug Type: Biotech; Approved; Investigational
Other Brand Names containing Darbepoetin alfa: Aranesp (Amgen Inc.);
Absorption: Not Available
Toxicity (Overdose): Not Available
Protein Binding: Not Available
Biotransformation: Not Available
Half Life: Not Available
Dosage Forms of Aranesp (Amgen Inc.): Solution Intravenous
Chemical IUPAC Name: Human erythropoietin
Chemical Formula: C815H1317N233O241S5
Darbepoetin alfa on Wikipedia:
Organisms Affected: Humans and other mammals