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Vesiculitis symptoms and syndromes



Vesiculitis - an inflammation of the seminal vesicles. Seminal vesicles through intimate contact (blood, lymph, nerve) to adjacent organs, reflect on their fortunes of the latter. Inflammation of adjacent organs may result vesiculitis through the direct involvement of seminal vesicles in the process. Hematogenous and lymphogenous road skid infection in vesiculitis are also not uncommon.

Of the predisposing moments vesiculitis note frequent and prolonged congestion of the pelvic organs as a result of masturbation and abnormal sexual intercourse, delay secretion of vesicles in the compression of ejaculatory duct, diseases of the colon. These points may themselves be the cause of catarrh of the seminal vesicles with vesicles.

Bacterial vesiculitis the most frequent gonococcal infection and tuberculosis, less vesiculitis can be caused by staphylococcus, streptococcus, E. coli.

 Study of the seminal vesicles in vesiculitis produce through the rectum in an upright position, causing the patient to sit on the index finger of the doctor or patient in an upright position with the abdomen drawn to the lower extremities.


Clinical symptoms of acute and chronic vesiculitis

The clinical course vesiculitis can be divided into acute and chronic. Heaviness and pain in the rectum vesiculitis, aggravated by the act of urination and defecation to tenesmus, increased frequency of emission, sometimes with a purulent and bloody content. There are general weakness, fever up to 39.9 and above. Vesiculitis diagnosis in these cases did not present any difficulties.

History, increase the tension a bit crowded seminal vesicle, pain at pressure on him - this is the most specific objective evidence of an acute process. The secret, obtained a massage, characterized by a large number of white blood cells, disintegration of amorphous, epithelium, blood or crystals hematoidin, as well as the presence of deformed sperm immobile.

Acute vesiculitis usually occurs rapidly within 5-7 days and resolves or reverse the development or becomes chronic or the formation of empyema. In the latter cases, the abscess may break through the urethra, which is the most favorable outcome, at least - into the surrounding tissue, then into a vial of the colon, bladder, abdominal cavity.

Vesiculitis can from the beginning to flow sluggishly, chronically. In cases of involvement in a minor area or on mucous can avoid the acute effects process can go into a latent state and to exist, so for many years. In the chronic stage in the foreground symptoms of neuro-sexual nature: frequent wet dreams, painful erections, increased libido, weak orgasms, sluggish and rapid ejection of the seed, sometimes mixed with blood.


Vesiculitis treatment

Treatment of acute stage of vesiculitis should focus on improving the body's defenses by immunotherapy. In the treatment of chronic vesiculitis, in addition to general treatment, is necessary and immediate impact on the seminal vesicles, which is to systematically massage, warming them by diathermy or hot microclyster, which usually gives good results.

In the case of an unsatisfactory, with catarrhal forms vesiculitis shown surgical treatment - vasotomy, vasopuncture with fibrous vesiculitis and empyema shows vesiculotomy and vesiculectomy.


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