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Idiopathic periodontal disease, periodontal tumor


Idiopathic periodontal disease

For idiopathic (no clear origin) of periodontal disease include a number of common diseases of various origins, in the clinical course of which one of the permanent symptoms is bystroprogressiruyuschee generalized periodontal lesion.

Common clinical signs of idiopathic (without a clear origin) of periodontal disease following:

  • steady progression of the processes expressed by the destruction of periodontal tissues (gingiva, periodontal bone), for 2-3 years leading to tooth loss
  • rapidly growing displacement and loosening of teeth
  • original X-ray picture

The role of the therapist-dentist during examination and treatment of patients with idiopathic (not a clear origin) periodontal diseases is reduced to establish a presumptive diagnosis, referral to a specialist appropriate profile (maxillofacial surgeon), and in the future - holding symptomatic therapy.

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Parodontomas include tumors and periodontitis tumor formation.


Periodontal tumor

By parodontomam include tumors and tumor formation periodontitis. Their diagnosis and treatment involved a dental surgeon. The role of the therapist-dentist in the case of diagnosis parodontomy is setting the preliminary diagnosis and referral to appropriate health-care (Maxillofacial Surgery) for examination and treatment.


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