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Spinal purulent epidurit


Spinal purulent epidurit

Spinal purulent epidurit — cluster pus in the epidural space. The cause of acute purulent spinal epidurita is the penetration of bacterial infection in lymphatic (less hematogenically) from purulent lesions (furuncles, subcutaneous abscesses, panaritiums, cellulitis) in the epidural space. A possible reason for the formation of a purulent spinal epidurita women may also be held on the eve of gynecological manipulation.

Most often the pus accumulates in the posterior epidural space. If the abscess is limited, we can speak of the epidural abscess, and spilled the process - about cellulitis. Sometimes the infection moves to the lining of the brain and even the substance of the brain, causing meningomielitichesky process.

Spinal purulent epidurit, a cause of spinal epidurita, diagnosis of spinal epidurita, treatment of spinal epidurita in Moscow

Epidural fatty tissue surrounds the shell of the spinal cord. Injection of epidural fat leads to a purulent spinal epiduritu.


Diagnosis of purulent spinal epidurita

Acute purulent spinal epidurit develops quickly. Having a common serious condition, a fever, the temperature rises to 39-40°. Consciousness is usually preserved. Patients concerned about the nature of acute pain of radicular pain in the neck and spine, seen as sensitive and motor disorders of radicular nature.

If spinal epidurit does not extend to the spinal cord and no symptoms of his crush, the Conductive disorder patient will be absent. When compression of the spinal cord and the occurrence of myelitis appear rude paresis, paralysis, disorders of pelvic organs, trophic disorders (bedsores), the phenomenon of urosepsis.

Spinal purulent epidurit, a cause of spinal epidurita, diagnosis of spinal epidurita, treatment of spinal epidurita in Moscow

When lumbar puncture irrefutable proof epidurita is getting pus from the epidural space.


Selected triad in the diagnosis of spinal epidurita: the presence of purulent or infectious focus, radicular syndrome, spinal cord compression. Important diagnostic value in suspected epidurit a lumbar puncture (LP). Irrefutable proof epidurita is to obtain pus from the epidural space after lumbar puncture (LP).

In the absence of spinal cord compression in spinal epidurite can be found in the cerebrospinal fluid CSF pleocytosis, with compression of cerebrospinal fluid spaces - the protein-cell dissociation.


Treatment of suppurative spinal epidurita

In the treatment of spinal epidurita requires intensive use of broad spectrum antibiotics and sulfonamides. In the absence of improvement with conservative therapy in the treatment of epidurita patients need surgical intervention.

The prognosis for the treatment of spinal epidurita not extend to the substance of the brain and spine is currently favorable.


If you have any questions about the diagnosis or treatment of suppurative spinal epidurita, you can specify them with our neurosurgeon or a neurologist on the phone: (499) 130–08–09


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