Dropped Head Syndrome

Dropped Head Syndrome

Dropped head syndrome (head droop or head drop) refers to forward flexion of the head on the neck, such that the chin falls on to the chest (cf. antecollis) and the head cannot be voluntarily extended. This syndrome has a broad differential diagnosis, encompassing disorders which may cause axial truncal muscle weakness, especially of upper thoracic and paraspinous muscles.

  • Neuropathy/neuronopathy:
    • Motor neurone disease (the author has also seen this syndrome in a patient with frontotemporal dementia with motor neurone disease, FTD/MND)
    • Guillain-Barré syndrome, chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy
    • Paraneoplastic motor neuronopathy.
  • Neuromuscular junction disorder:
    • Myasthenia gravis
  • Myopathy:
    • Polymyositis
    • Myotonic dystrophy
    • Myopathy with rimmed vacuoles
    • "Dropped head syndrome", or "isolated neck extensor myopathy", a condition of uncertain etiology but which may on occasion be steroid-responsive ("bent spine syndrome" or camptocormia may be a related form of axial myopathy).
  • Extrapyramidal disorders:
    • Parkinson’s disease
    • Multiple system atrophy
    • Progressive supranuclear palsy.

Of these, probably MND and myasthenia gravis are the most common causes.

Treatment of the underlying condition may be possible, hence investigation is mandatory. If not treatable (e.g., MND), a head brace may keep the head upright.



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Cross References

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