Epicondylitis ("tennis elbow")

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Epicondylitis ("tennis elbow")

Epicondylitis or "tennis elbow" — is a widespread disease characterized by pain in the elbow (nadmyschelkov humerus).

Epicondylitis is common among people whose profession is associated with monotonous repetitive hand movements, especially pronation and supination, or physical stress on the hands with a certain static state of the body, as well as in athletes, especially tennis players.

Differentiate medial epicondylitis and lateral epicondylitis, depending on where lesions in the elbow joint (nadmyschelkov humerus).

In the treatment of epicondylitis wearing retainer brace helps eliminate stress and pain in his forearm.

Epicondylitis diagnosis

Neurological examination and X-ray, as well as research and electromyographic (EMG) show that the majority of patients with epicondylitis has pain in the neck on a background of osteochondrosis of the cervical spine.

In the clinical course of epicondylitis are acute and subacute stages.

At the beginning of the acute epicondylitis pain that occurs in one, rarely both nadmyschelkov humerus, has a constant, intense character. Pain radiating along the forearm muscles, disturbed function of the elbow joint, the first to suffer rotational movement (rotate) the forearm, then the extension of the elbow. Patients with epicondylitis have pain when compressed brush and can not in this to keep his hand in to straighten the situation, can not keep weight on his outstretched hand, there is a weakness, lost ability to work.

At subacute epicondylitis pain in the elbow appears at first load the brush and disappear at rest and only after six to eight weeks gains permanent. In the absence of treatment or failure to epicondylitis may become chronic when pain are dull aching character, appear when the load on his hand, could be exacerbated at night and at the change in atmospheric pressure.


Epicondylitis treatment

Epicondylitis treatment of humerus complex and depends on the stage of disease and severity of clinical manifestations.

In the acute stage of epicondylitis when prevailing aseptic inflammation, prescribe immobilization of the patient limb. Simultaneously injected into the region of hot-button procaine therapeutic injections of glucocorticoid or anti-inflammatory drugs.

In the treatment of epicondylitis eliminate swelling, inflammation, pain, restore range of motion in the elbow joint and its muscles accelerated by the use of physiotherapy.

In the subacute stage epicondylitis performed injections of glucocorticoids may be replaced by phonophoresis with hydrocortisone. A good effect is laser therapy, shockwave therapy, UHF and acupuncture.