Actimmune (InterMune Inc)

Actimmune (InterMune Inc) - General Information

Human Actimmune (InterMune Inc) (140 residues), produced from E. coli. Production of Actimmune is achieved by fermentation of a genetically engineered Escherichia coli bacterium containing the DNA which encodes for the human protein. Purification of the product is achieved by conventional column chromatography.


Pharmacology of Actimmune (InterMune Inc)

IFN gamma stimulates expression of the immunoglobulin heavy chain C gamma 3 and C gamma 2a germline transcripts in B cells. Many components of the antigen presentation pathways are also up-regulated by interferon gamma. It is also a potent activator of macrophages, it has antiproliferative effects on transformed cells and it can potentiate the antiviral and antitumor effects of type I interferons. Interferon gamma may also help the body regulate the activity of fibroblasts. By directly blocking the multiplication of fibroblasts and inhibiting the production and action of TGF-b, a potent scar-inducing molecule, Actimmune (InterMune Inc) may prevent excessive scarring.


Additional information about Actimmune (InterMune Inc)

Actimmune (InterMune Inc) Indication: For treatment of Chronic granulomatous disease, Osteopetrosis
Mechanism Of Action: Binds directly to the type II interferon gamma receptor IFNGR1, leading to a complex of IFNGR1 and IFNGR2. This activates JAK1 and JAK2 kinases which form a STAT1 docking site. This leads to STAT1 phosphorylation, nuclear translocation and initiation of gene transcription of multiple immune-related genes.
Drug Interactions: Not Available
Food Interactions: Not Available
Generic Name: Interferon gamma-1b
Synonyms: IFN-gamma; Immune interferon; Interferon gamma precursor
Drug Category: Antiviral Agents; Immunomodulatory Agents
Drug Type: Biotech; Approved; Investigational

Other Brand Names containing Interferon gamma-1b: Actimmune (InterMune Inc);
Absorption: Not Available
Toxicity (Overdose): Not Available
Protein Binding: Not Available
Biotransformation: Not Available
Half Life: Not Available
Dosage Forms of Actimmune (InterMune Inc): Not Available
Chemical IUPAC Name: Human interferon gamma-1b
Chemical Formula: C761H1206N214O225S6
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Organisms Affected: Not Available