Herceptin (Genentech)

Herceptin (Genentech) - General Information

A recombinant IgG1 kappa, humanized monoclonal antibody that selectively binds with high affinity in a cell-based assay (Kd = 5 nM) to the extracellular domain of the human epidermal growth factor receptor protein. Produced in CHO cell culture.


Pharmacology of Herceptin (Genentech)

Used in the treatment of HER2-positive breast cancer. HER2 protein overexpression is observed in 25%-30% of primary breast cancers.Herceptin (Genentech) has been shown, in both in vitro assays and in animals, to inhibit the proliferation of human tumorcells that overexpress HER2. It is a mediator of antibody dependent cellular cytotoxicity, in that the binding of the antibody to HER2 overexpressing cells leads to preferential cell death.


Herceptin (Genentech) for patients


Herceptin (Genentech) Interactions

There have been no formal drug interaction studies performed with HERCEPTIN in humans. Administration of paclitaxel in combination with HERCEPTIN resulted in a two-fold decrease in HERCEPTIN clearance in a non-human primate study and in a 1.5-fold increase in HERCEPTIN serum levels in clinical studies.


Herceptin (Genentech) Contraindications

None known.


Additional information about Herceptin (Genentech)

Herceptin (Genentech) Indication: For treatment of HER2-positive metatsatic breast cancer
Mechanism Of Action: Herceptin (Genentech) binds to the HER2 (or c-erbB2) proto-oncogene, an EGF receptor-like protein found on 20-30% of breast cancer cells. The binding leads to antibody mediated (complement mediated) killing of the HER2 positive cells.
Drug Interactions: Not Available
Food Interactions: Not Available
Generic Name: Trastuzumab
Synonyms: Anti HER2; Ig gamma-1 chain C region
Drug Category: Antineoplastic Agents
Drug Type: Biotech; Approved; Investigational

Other Brand Names containing Trastuzumab: Herceptin (Genentech);
Absorption: Not Available
Toxicity (Overdose): Not Available
Protein Binding: Not Available
Biotransformation: Most likely removed by opsonization via the reticuloendothelial system.
Half Life: 2-12 days
Dosage Forms of Herceptin (Genentech): Injection, powder, lyophilized, for solution Intravenous
Chemical IUPAC Name: Humanized anti-HER2 antibody
Chemical Formula: C6470H10012N1726O2013S42
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Organisms Affected: Humans and other mammals