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Prostatitis — is an inflammation of the male sex glands - the prostate. The cause of prostatitis is often an infection of the genitourinary system, but can occur prostatitis and non-infectious nature.

Prostatitis develops and manifests itself in the presence of adverse factors:

  • prostatitis as a result of supercooling of the organism
  • prostatitis from an inactive lifestyle
  • prostatitis of sedentary work (drivers, operators, managers, etc.)
  • prostatitis as a result of prolonged sexual abstinence and, conversely, chrezmernaoy sexual activity
  • prostatitis from regular constipation
  • prostatitis due to suppressed immune system, stress, poor nutrition
  • prostatitis as a result of inflammatory diseases
  • prostatitis as a result of sexually transmitted diseases and urological
  • prostatitis as a result of alcohol abuse

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Prostate in normal and inflammation (prostatitis).


Types of prostatitis

In acute prostatitis body temperature rises to 39-40 ° C, the patient throws it into a fever, then chills. Urination difficult and painful. Edema of the prostate for acute prostatitis may cause acute urinary retention.

Chronic prostatitis occurs clinically more quietly, but at any time under adverse factors can occur to the aggravation.

Prostatitis usually leads to the development vesiculitis - inflammation of the seminal vesicles, epididimoorhita - inflammation of the testicles and their appendages. The consequence of prostatitis with the complication is male infertility, impotence, premature ejaculation.


Symptoms of prostatitis

Pain in prostatitis are formed in the perineum, suprapubic region, testicles, lower back. Pain when urinating are concerned, more than half of patients with prostatitis. Pain during intercourse are found in 5-12% of patients with prostatitis. Often the pain is aching for prostate permanent.

The prostate in the patient notes urination disorders - frequent and painful urination, frequent urge to urinate, and pain at the end of urination, slender and sluggish stream of urine.

Violation of sexual function in prostatitis - pain on ejaculation, "deleted" orgasm, premature ejaculation or its delay, the weakening of erectile dysfunction, its incompleteness and brevity.

Infertility in prostatitis - prostatitis due to declining quality of sperm fertilizing ability of sperm deteriorates.


Treatment of prostatitis

Treatment of prostatitis depend on the form of prostatitis and stage of disease, individual patient tolerance to various drugs. Competently and accurately matched complex method of treatment, in most cases allows you to completely get rid of the prostate, at least from its unpleasant symptoms.

Prostatitis, acute prostatitis, chronic prostatitis, prostatitis diagnosis, diagnose prostatitis treatment of prostatitis, prostatitis treated in Moscow

The use of acupuncture is very effective in complex treatment of acute or chronic prostatitis.


Treatment of prostatitis may include the following types of therapy:

  • antibiotic therapy under the supervision of antibiotikogramm
  • immunostimulatory therapy
  • physiotherapy (laser-magnetic therapy, UHF)
  • acupuncture (acupuncture)
  • Local treatment - prostate massage, microclysters
  • symptomatic treatment
  • therapeutic exercise, diet

Only the combined treatment of prostatitis by a physician, gives the desired result. If time does not produce the treatment of prostatitis, it can turn into chronic form.

In the course of the disease can appear very threatening complications of prostatitis. This decrease in sexual desire, erectile dysfunction, even impotence, infertility, various disorders of urination, inflammation of other organs of the genitourinary system - vesiculitis, orchitis, epididymitis, pyelonephritis, and so on.

The most ominous consequences if left untreated prostate - is adenoma and prostate cancer.

Prostatitis, acute prostatitis, chronic prostatitis, prostatitis diagnosis, diagnose prostatitis treatment of prostatitis, prostatitis treated in Moscow

When treating acute or chronic prostatitis eliminate swelling, inflammation and pain in the perineum accelerated by the use of physiotherapy.


At the first signs of prostatitis should immediately consult a doctor - urologist. Only a doctor can properly diagnose, identify the cause and to appoint an effective treatment of prostatitis.


Prevention of prostate

Prevention of prostate

  • prevent hypothermia
  • regular sex life
  • mandatory screening for prostate condition 1-2 times a year
  • compliance with sparing diet (with the exception of alcohol, spicy, fried and canned food)
  • after suffering prostatitis preventative courses of outpatient treatment at least 2 times a year for a month and one course of spa treatment


If you have any questions about the diagnosis or treatment of acute or chronic prostatitis, you can specify them with our urologist or a nephrologist on the phone: +7 (926) 988-14-23



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