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Minimally invasive technique of sampling and blending sponge layer

Sphere of application for minimally invasive technique of sampling and blending sponge layer

Instruments for minimally invasive sampling and blending sponge layer designed so that the spongy layer is taken either by percutaneous puncture, cut, or by delamination cortical iliac crest. In this case, the tool can be installed anywhere with a hammer driven into the iliac crest. After endoscopic removal of the intervertebral disk space can fill up situated in the spongy layer of the tool without fear that the spongy layer is lost or slip out of the intervertebral space.

Minimally invasive (endoscopic) neurosurgical operation on the spine, neck surgery, surgery on the lower back, sacrum surgery, endoscopic surgery, operations on the cervical, lumbar or thoracic spine, endoscopic spinal surgery, endoscopic surgery for hernia or protrusion of the disc, the technique of taking minimally invasive and the imposition of the spongy layer in Moscow

Multifunctional trocar.


Similarly, a minimally invasive manner can be corrected other bone defects of the spine. Instrument suitable for endoscopic thoracic and lumbar applications.


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