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Surgical treatment

Operative treatment of spine


Surgical treatment of peripheral nerve


Surgical treatment of soft tissue diseases


The procedure for selection of treatment in our clinic have individual character for pacient. We will always take into account the characteristics of the organism, age, co-morbidities for each patient.

Treatment of patients can be carried out both in the clinic and hospital, depending on the severity and type of disease, as well as to the method recommended treatment.

Also offer ready-made treatment programs, which cover the most frequent diseases of the nervous system, spine, brain vessels, joints, and symptoms associated with human health.

Hospital clinic takes care of patients of surgical and therapeutic profile (except acute infectious diseases).


Phone for outpatients:

neurosurgeon, neurologist 130–08–09
surgery, traumatology, rheumatologist +7 (926) 988-14-23
urologist, nephrologist +7 (926) 988-14-23
psychotherapist, homeopath +7(499) 502–33–92
masseur, rehabilitologist +7(916) 400–66–64
orthopedic pharmacy +7(903) 167–99–20



Neurology, Neurosurgery
+7 (926) 988-14-23
Surgery, Traumatology
+7(903) 167-99-20
+7(909) 994-94-66
Mon...Fri 10:00–20:00
Sat 09:00–15:00