The Tension Headache And Dry Eye Relieving Massager

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The Tension Headache And Dry Eye Relieving Massager

Product Description

This is the rechargeable eye massager that alleviates stress, tension, headache pain and dry eye without the use of medication.

The device uses a combination of five massage modes, multi-frequency vibrations (stimulates and soothes tight muscles), air pressure (expands and contracts against different points on the face), and heat compression to stimulate blood flow, relieve dry eye or visual fatigue, and soothe sore muscles.

With built-in speakers for streaming music via Bluetooth  connection and an LED icons that displays current settings and modes. Folds down for travel. With an adjustable belt for a custom fit.

Dimensions: 9.5х22 cm (8"x4")
Weight: 285 g
Color: white, black

Customer Reviews

★★★★★ If you have ever suffered from sinus headaches (as I often do), you will find this massager to be a godsend. The heat and massage will make you feel ever so much better. When you use it to relieve a severe headache, you too will declare it's better than sex.

★★★★★ I purchased this item as a Christmas present for my wife. She has a history of migraine headaches that make it difficult for her to sleep and relax at times. She has been very pleased with this product. She said it helps her relax and takes the tension away from her head.

★★★★★ The product helps relax and relieve tension and some headaches.

★★★★★ Very cool gift, nicely packaged.

★★★★★ Awesome product great for headaches and or stress relief.

★★★★★ It is so relaxing. It helps me fall asleep. I am using it every day. One of my best purchases ever!

★★★★★ This headache and tension relieving massager works great! I enjoy the different levels of massage and pulsating effects. It really does help provide relief from the headache.

★★★★★ I use this massager either before going to bed or waking up. I like the different settings and the warm feeling on the temple and eyes. The band is a little too snug, even when completely loosened. My family members say the same thing.

★★★★★ The temperature is controlled, the eyes are warmed, therefore fatigue is relieved. I can sleep well.

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