Neck and Shoulder Heat Wrap

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Neck and Shoulder Heat Wrap

Product Description

This is the heat wrap designed to simultaneously soothe sore muscles in the neck and shoulders. Unlike typical rectangular neck heating pads that do not provide ideal coverage or contact, this wrap features slightly weighted edges and a magnetic closure that provide a custom fit around the upper body.

The integrated heating element delivers even, deep-penetrating heat that stimulates blood circulation to loosen muscles, helps relieve swelling, and soothes joints. The tethered controller adjusts the temperature to four different levels and the 100% polyester microplush wrap is soft against skin. Two-hour auto-off setting, 9' cord. Fully machine-washable.

warning Not for use by those with pacemakers.

Dimensions: 66x44 cm
Power: 70 W
Color: blue, plum

Customer Reviews

★★★★★ I find this so much easier to use than my old flat heating pad. I had a painful pulled muscle in my neck and shoulder, and with this heat wrap, it was easy to apply heat where it was needed.

★★★★★ This item works perfect for my back and neck….I like how it clips together… really helps with my pain.

★★★★★ Great product and would highly recommend.

★★★★★ My husband loves this product as it covers most of his back and shoulders...great after a hard days' work doing renovations and painting!

★★★★★ This is really great. It's so large that it really does cover my neck, shoulders and back. It heats up immediately and i like the fact that it has a timer on it. The cord is nice and long to, I definitely would recommend it.

★★★★★ This feels good from head to waist with soft warm comfort. You can even spritz it with water if you want some moist heat.

★★★★★ My daughter quite pleased with it. Because of the pandemic, working remotely from home has caused some back, shoulder, neck issues.

★★★★★ The wrap heats up quickly. Fabric is soft and pleasant. It adheres well to the neck thanks to the magnets. Recommend.

★★★★★ The wrap is good, but the massage function for a man would like to be stronger. )

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