Cordless Feet Warmer

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Cordless Feet Warmer

Product Description

This is the electric warmer that keeps toes toasty and relaxed without overheating the rest of the body. Rather than heating the entire bed with a conventional electric blanket when only the feet are chilled, this sensibly sized warmer confines heat to the feet.

Made of high-quality fluff. The interior is made of lambskin and is warm in winter. The new carbon fiber has a built-in ultra-thin heating chip USB. The whole leg warms and the heat is transferred to the whole body, so the body no longer has to worry about the arrival of winter. USB powered, can be used from laptops, mobile batteries, smart phone chargers, car power supplies, etc. The removable cover of the heating pad is machine washable.

Dimensions: 40х30х20 cm
Weight: 500 g
Color: grey, pink

Customer Reviews

★★★★★ I LOVE the foot warmer. I use it under my duvet. My feet are always cold and this foot warmer is heavenly.

★★★★★ Bought for my Mom who is right side weak. Every night when I help her to bed I had to warm a small blanket for her feet. This is "Pocket of Heaven for my feet" her words. Thank you

★★★★★ My fiancé is diabetic. He has miserable neuropathy in his feet. The past 3 years we'd lay in bed talking about how someone should invent a bed mat to stimulate blood flow and take away pins and needles because he's in pain and can barely drift into sleep. Well we found it! It's amazing. He's used in the last two nights and keeps saying he can't believe we found exactly what he needed. The warmth is a bonus because his feet are cold due to poor circulation as well. It saves me because I don't get cold his feet put on my warm legs any more. It shuts off on its own after a good long time and has a remote so when your sleeping and your feet start to hurt... you can start it back up easily. Great product!!! We would give more stars if we could.

★★★★★ My feet stay cold I love this .Thank you.

★★★★★ I suffer from poor circulation in my feet. This product works so well in keeping my feet nice and toasty.

★★★★★ I am quite happy with my purchase. Having cold feet in spite of wearing four layers of warm socks can keep me awake at night. Now I put my feet inside the bag. I am asleep in record time. The automatic timer is a great feature. I highly recommend this product.

★★★★★ My wife has diabetic neuropathy, both feet. She uses this at night and just loves it.

★★★★★ While relaxing reading or looking at TV I found it very comfy.

★★★★★ My 80 year old mom uses it for her feet before going to bed. She can easily connect the plug and control the speeds . Earlier I used to warm up a hot pack and use it to warm her feet. Now it is not needed anymore.

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