The Muscle Rejuvenating Vibrating Roller

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The Muscle Rejuvenating Vibrating Roller

Product Description

This is the professional-quality portable vibrating massage roller with four power levels to relax tight, sore muscles, reducing pain and boosting flexibility. Your own body weight applies the appropriate amount of pressure against the roller while the vibrating intensity level of your choice releases trigger points and breaks up fascia. Blood flow is promoted to accelerate warm up and recovery before or after workouts.

Lightweight and portable for use at home and the gym. Textured exterior. Three-hour run time per charge. With USB charging cord and long-life battery.

Dimensions: 30х8 cm
Weight: 860 g
Color: green, black, red

Customer Reviews

★★★★★ This is aVERY STRONG vibrator. Great massager. I lie on it in bed and roll it up and down my back. It got rid of pain in shoulder, can now reach all way behind me. Not for a child. Or senior who has poor coordination as one can hurt oneself if not paying attention.

★★★★★ My Lower back has hurt me for years. I purchased this item hoping for a fix. After the first use my back was cured, and still feels great until now. I have lent it to a friend with an upper are problem, and so far while using it feels much better - just waiting for a permanent fix, like mine.

★★★★★ Bought for my husband and it vibrates too much.

★★★★★ Very high build quality. Highly recommended, especially if you are in quarantine!

★★★★★ Good quality, does not make noise during use.

★★★★★ Great product, I like it! It is possible that I would like to order another one for a relative.

★★★★★ High-quality roller, works great, strong!

★★★★★ It vibrates well and lasts for a long time.

★★★★★ Just what I need for my back. Recommend.

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