The Plantar Fasciitis Relief Rocker

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The Plantar Fasciitis Relief Rocker

Product Description

Used by professional athletes, this is the stretching device that relieves the pain and discomfort of plantar fasciitis and helps prevent it from reoccurring.

Simply standing on the unit with one foot and rocking backward gently stretches the plantar fascia and helps prevent the painful inflammation that causes plantar fasciitis. The V-shaped foot platform gently stretches the toes toward the shin and the adjustable heel rest allows you to increase the range of the stretch as you become more flexible.

The included manual provides detailed instructions and pictures that explain the proper technique for the daily, five-minute routine. Can also be used to stretch Achilles’s tendons, ankles, calves, and hamstrings.

Dimensions: 27х13х10 cm
Weight: 400 g
Color: black, blue, yellow, pink

Customer Reviews

★★★★★ I looked this that is very helpful for my feet.

★★★★★ Works. Use it every day.

★★★★★ This product really gives your surrounding muscles the stretch they need to heal the PF and there are many you can do as you get more used to it you can take it to different levels depending on how you or how often you use it.

★★★★★ The quality was excellent. The shipping was rapid. It must be used for awhile to see if the extra stretching helps.

★★★★★ Works as advertised. Seems to help alleviate the pain and the stretch feels good!

★★★★★ I bought this for my friend as a Birthday gift. I hoped it would help with the pain she was having with her foot in which she has Plantar Fascitis in which she has terrible pain. But the next day I called her to tell her that I could send it back and get her a gift certificate!! She said over my dead body will that happen! She had her doubts but tried the exercises with the "pain Relief Rocker" the night before , before she went to bed. Then when she got out of bed the next morning it was amazing the difference in the painin her foot!!! What a testamony for your product!!!


★★★★★ Good streches, works as advertized.

★★★★★ I am so glad I found this product! I've been dealing with Plantar fasciitis for almost a year. I roll my feet with a golf ball and lacross ball. it helps but not enough. I stared to roll my Achilles and calf, helped more. This rocker provides a MUCH better stretch with out being painful.ive not added the toes piece yet, but I will. Definitly recommend!

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