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Hidradenitis suppurativa


Hydradenitis, spiradenitis

Hydradenitis, spiradenitis — is a purulent inflammation of the sweat glands, which are located mainly in the armpits, and much less frequently in the perineum or around the nipple. In the past, this disease is called "suche udder. Suggest to the disease abrasions, scratches, including those formed after shave, diaper rash, failure to observe hygiene, use of depilating funds, general weakness, certain endocrine diseases, especially diabetes, and women - a impairment of the function of sweat glands.

Pathogens of this disease are staphylococci. These bacteria enter the sweat glands or through their excretory ducts, or the lymph vessels, and then through the surrounding prostate tissue.


Diagnosis of gidradenitis

At the beginning of the disease at the site of inflammation there is a feeling of itching, there is dense to the touch is very painful swelling with a diameter of several millimeters to 1-2 cm size gradually swelling and pain increase. The skin over it becomes a purplish-red. Center swelling gradually softened, opened, and through the hole starts to separate slivkoobrazny pus. Development cycle of one infiltration continues 10-15 days. Healing gidradenita completes the formation of scar.

Often in the process of inflammation involved the adjacent sweat glands. During this process an extensive infiltration of a very painful, the skin over which it becomes bumpy. In consecutive damage more and more sweat glands, the process is delayed for a month or more. The disease is often accompanied by severe general reaction of the body with fever, headache, leukocytosis. Hydradenitis often recurs. In case of incorrect and delayed treatment of acute disease may be repeated dozens of times. With timely updated treatment recover within 5-15 days, although in some cases, possible relapses of the disease.


Treatment of gidradenitis

Hair in the lesion focus should be trimmed. Skin in the lesion focus should not be washed and cleaned twice a day, salicylic alcohol. At the lesion is superimposed net ihtiola. After opening gidradenita apply dressings with hypertonic saline. In all forms of the disease may begin early antibiotic therapy.


Prevention of gidradenitis

Prevention gidradenita consists mainly of personal hygiene. Should regularly take a shower and wipe the area armpits disinfectant (boron, or a simple ethyl alcohol, cologne, deodorant). Not recommended for frequent shaving of hair in the armpit. In the case of abstsedirovaniya process used surgical treatment, opening and drainage of the hearth.


Type of surgery / manipulation

Outpatient treatment of gidradenitis 4 000 rub.
Ligation, removal of drains, removal of sutures 500 rub.


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