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Periodontal disease in remission


Periodontal disease in remission

After adequate treatment of chronic generalized periodontitis a stage of remission. Periodontal disease in remission is seen not as a cure, but as a stop or slow the development of pathological process (notably atrophy of alveolar bone) at the level at which treatment was initiated.

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Periodontal disease in remission: no more complaints, the gum - a pale pink color, tight to the teeth, no inflammation, teeth neck bared, clinical pockets are not determined.


Diagnosis and symptoms of periodontitis in remission

Clinically, periodontal disease in remission manifested a lack of complaints. Gingiva in periodontitis in remission - a pale pink color, tight to the teeth, no inflammation, neck teeth bared, clinical pockets are not determined.

Diagnostic criteria of chronic generalized periodontitis in remission are:

  • occurred, with a history of periodontitis with integrating treatment (including surgical and orthopedic practices)
  • the absence of clinical pockets and inflammation of the gums
  • on radiographs of alveolar process - signs of stabilization process in the form of compaction of bone tissue between the teeth of partitions, the disappearance of the phenomena of osteoporosis, restoration of the cortical plate


Prognosis of chronic generalized periodontitis

Despite the application of a broad arsenal of means and methods of treatment, treatment of chronic generalized periodontitis is not always effective. Worsens the prognosis of chronic generalized periodontitis following factors:

  • failure patient to doctor's recommendation, primarily poor oral hygiene
  • presence of severe comorbidity, dramatically reduces the protective forces of periodontal and body as a whole

When deciding on the retention or removal of a tooth adverse prognostic considered the following clinical situations:

  • loss of more than 50% bone, irregular vertical bone resorption, the presence of bone pocket
  • periodontal pocket depth of more than 8 mm
  • localization of the lesion in the bifurcation
  • tooth mobility of 3 degrees
  • occlusal trauma


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