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Medical consultation

Where should begin when someone is sick? The very first step for the patient should always be seeking advice from a specialist.

Passage of consultation with a doctor, as well as other diagnostic procedures should be performed prior to therapeutic manipulation. It is necessary to further define the method of treatment which will be most effective for the patient.

Neurological lower limb examination - patellar reflex.


There are a number of diagnostic tests and procedures that help the doctor to clarify or identify the true cause and form of the disease and thus form a valid plan for the further treatment of the patient.

You can get in our clinic, following consultation of experts:
  • neurologist, neurosurgeon
  • surgeon
  • traumatologist, rheumatologist
  • manual therapist, osteopath
  • rehabilitologist, a physiotherapist
  • urologist, nephrologist
  • therapist, psychologist
  • anesthesiologist
  • homeopath

Start making history begins with the examination of the patient's doctor - this is the first and one of the most important stages in the diagnostic evaluation of a sick person. The patient, talking with your doctor, discuss your condition, symptoms of the disease, specificity and characteristics of its origin. Doctor examines in detail the complaints and comments, recording the necessary data in the patient.

Consulting a neurologist, a neurosurgeon consultation, consultation surgeon, trauma counseling, counseling therapist, counseling rheumatologist, urologist's advice, consult a doctor

The sequence of actions when a patient clinical diagnosis.


On the first visit to gather data from the history of the patient, his previous treatment and diagnostic procedures. Based on these data, the doctor will determine the plan of further diagnostic procedures that may be needed to clarify the diagnosis and method of treatment required.

A medical examination will be linked to data from the history of the patient. Will set a preliminary diagnosis, if necessary refine the diagnosis - are assigned additional diagnostic procedures on which to base a plan of treatment:


Phone for outpatients:

neurosurgeon, neurologist (499) 130–08–09
surgery, traumatology, rheumatologist +7(903) 167–99–20
psychotherapist, homeopath +7(909) 994–94–66
masseur, rehabilitologist +7(916) 400–66–64
Orthopedic pharmacy +7(903) 167–99–20


Clinic addresses:

Moscow, Beskudnikovsky Boulevard, 4
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г. Москва, 2-й Тверской–Ямской пер., 10

St.-Petersburg, Zhukovskogo street, 57 A
(location map)
Kazakhstan, Pavlodar, Krupskoy street, 65
tel.: +7(7182) 55-67-13




Neurology, Neurosurgery
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Surgery, Traumatology
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+7(909) 994-94-66
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